At Crayons to Computers we are committed to ensuring that every child in need in the Greater Cincinnati area has the tools to be successful in school and life. Our team of committed staff members truly embodies our mission and vision, ensuring a balance of fun, compassion and professionalism in the workplace. We are also committed to ensuring that our team has access to a menu of competitive benefits built on a foundation of support for our staff including: health and dental insurance, a wellness program, flexible spending accounts, retirement options, and many other benefits. 

Every member of the Crayons to Computers staff plays an essential role in ensuring that we fulfill our mission, providing free school supplies to teachers and children throughout the Cincinnati region. This requires a dedicated staff and an unbelievable army of volunteers. Take the first step in making a difference today! 

Interested in joining the Crayons to Computers Team? Please contact:

Robbie Atkinson
Director of Finance/HR


Open Position(s)

We do not have any open positions at this time. The moment opportunities become available they will be posted here! Please keep checking back if you are interested in joining our team! 

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