If you have unique Ideas for the Classroom, we want to hear from you. We would like to showcase creative projects made from items you received in the Teacher Free Store. Please submit your ideas (pictures and descriptions) to Stefanie Clayton.


King Studios Traveling Suitcases

King Studios Traveling Suitcases are educational tool kits designed to share and teach different aspects of the King Studios legacy outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar museum location. There are 6 suitcases and each have a different focus: Economics, Great Migration, Civil Rights, Science, Math, and Music. Each suitcase contains artifacts and educational materials and is aligned to Ohio Content Standards. The Traveling Suitcases are available free of charge for use in K-12 schools in the Cincinnati area. 

We are proud to partner with King Studios and Xavier University to distribute the Suitcases to K-12 teachers in our service area. Teachers interested in learning more about the Suitcases and reserving one for use in your classroom should CLICK HERE



Art Display Boards
Create stunning displays for precious works of art by covering ordinary displays with felt.

CwC Letter Cutouts
Great for preschool and kindergarten teachers who are introducing letters and sounds!

Stepping Stones
Use plant saucers for balancing and loose part play activities.

Sonic Sound Speakers
Build speakers from ice cream containers and toilet paper tubes. (designed by students at Xavier University)

Photo Booth Backdrop
Here's a clever way in which one teacher drew the attention of her students to the writing program.

Ball Chair
A ball, milk crate and felt (to make it easy to slide and protect the floor) are all you need.

Study Scrolls
Hands-on building experience with writing, drawing, math and more. (designed by students at Xavier University)

Seed Starter
Ice cream containers make excellent seed starter pots for your class garden.

Mini Craft Album
Photo calendars make up the cover and pages, with various craft items used to make each booklet unique.

Origami Frog
Turn an ordinary index card into an extraordinary craft project.

Letter Chips
Turn poker chips, stickers and Mod Podge into sorting, matching and CVC word building activities.

Students read Knights and Castles and made handheld catapults with jumbo craft sticks, rubber bands and spoons and launched pompoms at a knight’s shield.