Learning and life happen beyond the bells of the school day and four walls of a classroom. We support and benefit from programs committed to giving students unique opportunities to learn and grow. Our partners range from students participating in work-study programs or creating their own initiatives to refurbish technology for others without access, to college classes designing new learning tools and other nonprofits serving after-school or summer students.  

We have a variety of partnerships with schools and other non-profit organizations. These connections expand our reach of services and assist us in furthering our mission. Below are links to some current partners we are proud of!

Crayons to Computers collaborates with other nonprofits, businesses, and the private sector, including:

  • Thousands of annual product and financial donors to allow Crayons to Computers to distribute $156 million worth of free products to students and teachers since our inception in 1997. 
  • Cincinnati Computer Cooperative to store and refurbish donated computers.
  • Hundreds of companies, organizations, religious groups, and student groups conducting annual Back-to-School supply and financial drives on our behalf annually.
  • A national network of Teacher Free Stores through our affiliation with the Kids In Need Foundation.
  • The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to provide “jobs” for inmates at 16 Ohio prisons through our “Crafts with Conviction” program.
  • Thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools to ensure that the necessary supplies make it directly into the hands of deserving students in need. 


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