Through September

Though all new supplies are helpful and appreciated, the Top 7 items that teachers need most are crayons, dry erase markers, filler paper, glue sticks, notebooks, pencils and pocket folders.

One pencil can draw the path to success. One box of crayons can color the imagination with new possibilities. These ordinary supplies can have an extraordinary impact. As one teacher said, “Students come to school with no supplies. Just pencils and lined paper from Crayons to Computers makes all the difference in my classroom!” Let’s give them the tools they deserve and the chance to achieve anything … one pencil at a time.

To host a supply drive, please contact Betsy Wilson at bwilson@crayons2computers.org or call 513-482-3290.

Resources for your school supply drive:

•  Information Sheet
•  Supply Sheet
•  #MyWishForYou
•. Donation Bin Sign

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