Who is eligible to shop at Crayons to Computers?
Educators must be preschool through grade 12 lead classroom teachers or preschool program directors employed at a school where at least 60% of the students qualify for the USDA’s National School Lunch Program. Currently Crayons to Computers serves 392 eligible schools in 16 counties of Greater Cincinnati. Click here to see the list of schools who are eligible to shop at Crayons to Computers.

What if a teacher is not eligible to shop?
Teachers from area schools that do not meet the eligibility criteria can take advantage of the Volunteer to Shop program. For three hours of volunteer time, they can earn a certificate for one shopping trip. Click here to learn more about the Volunteer to Shop program.

How do I get to Crayons to Computers?
Click here for directions.

What items are most needed?
Teachers always need basic school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, and notebook filler paper. Teachers are very creative and use products that you would never imagine in a classroom. Check out our wish list for specifics.

What are the shopping hours for teachers?
Crayons to Computers' Teacher Free Store is open for shopping Monday–Thursday when school is in session. Our shopping hours are 2:30PM–6:30PM (all shoppers must check in by 6:00PM). Eligible schools are permitted to shop once every four weeks (according to their shopping schedule). Teachers who volunteer on Saturday mornings (9:00AM–2:00PM) may shop before their shift. Click here for more information about shopping hours and schedules.

Are there any limits for shoppers?
Yes. Many items are limited to ensure that merchandise is fairly distributed to all schools and their students. Those items are clearly marked with the maximum quantities allowed.

How much is a shopping trip worth?
During the 2017–2018 academic year, teachers left our Teacher Free Store with an average of $568 worth of valuable school supplies.

May students volunteer at Crayons to Computers for community service hours?
Yes. Students ages 14 and over are encouraged to fulfill their community service hours at Crayons to Computers. Please contact Dave Hicks for details. Click here for more information on volunteering.

Are there any other programs like Crayons to Computers around the country?
Yes. Crayons to Computers is the model for 39 other resource centers nationally. We share best practices and other benefits on a regular basis. Click here for more information on other centers.